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Interview with Emily Yoffe, Jewish Woman, November 2011
Journalist Emily Yoffe has been published in The New York Times, The New Republic, O, The Oprah Magazine, and The Washington Post. But surely you know Yoffe best as Slate magazine’s “Dear Prudence”–the no-nonsense advice columnist who has earned a loyal national following with the thoughtful balance of tough love and empathy she brings to answering readers’ calls for help... read the interview

Interview with Marlee Matlin, Jewish Woman, July 2011
Photo by Michael Rosenberg
If you were alive and culturally aware in the 1980s, it’s likely you remember when Marlee Matlin won an Academy Award for her incendiary performance as Sarah Norman, a troubled young deaf woman in the 1986 film Children of a Lesser God. Matlin was just 21, a self-described “good Jewish girl” from the Chicago suburbs who had never let her deafness slow her down. It was her first film... read the interview

Sugar, spice and everything nice: That’s what Gail Simmons’s job is made of. The 34-year-old host of Bravo’s spin-off Top Chef: Just Desserts gets to taste, examine and judge every conceivable kind of pastry on what is arguably America’s most mouthwatering reality competition... read the interview

Interview with Elizabeth Berkley, Jewish Woman, March 2011
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We have good news: You will never need to search for another bat mitzvah gift again. Actress Elizabeth Berkley has compiled a book of stories and advice, by and for teen girls, addressing the spectrum of girl-related issues. Love. Friendships. Joy. Pain. Parents. Some of it is light. Some of it is decidedly heavy. It’s all essential reading for any teenage girl. A Michigan native, Berkley moved to Los Angeles in the late 1980s to work as a teen model and pursue acting; soon she won a starring role in the teen comedy Saved by the Bell... read the interview

Interview with Lisa Edelstein, Jewish Woman, winter 2007 
Of course you know Lisa Edelstein as an actress, starring as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on Fox’s hit medical drama House. But did you know she’s also a singer, activist, volunteer, author, composer and born survivor? Edelstein started performing off-Broadway in the late 1980s until MTV scooped her up to host (as vee-jay Lisa E) its popular Awake on the Wild Side. It’s been uphill for Edelstein ever since – speaking both of her steadily-growing career in TV and film (The West Wing, The Practice, Keeping the Faith, As Good As It Gets and more), and also of her struggle up from life-threatening spinal trauma that nearly grounded her in the early years... read the interview

Interview with Gloria Feldt, Jewish Woman, 2010 
The next time I pay $30 for a pack of birth control pills at the pharmacy, I should really send Gloria Feldt a thank-you note. If not for her call to “fight forward” while she was at the helm of Planned Parenthood, insurance coverage for contraceptives would not be guaranteed – and I’d be shelling out at least twice as much each month. Feldt was a teenage mother from rural Texas - hers was the only Jewish family in town - who grew up to be an activist, author and leading expert in women's rights, health, sex, media, leadership and politics... read the interview

Interview with Suze Orman, Jewish Woman, fall 2004
When Suze (sounds like "Suzie") Orman talks about money, people - especially women - listen. The CNBC personal-finance editor and Emmy-winning host of The Suze Orman Show has written four consecutive New York Times best sellers and two national best sellers. She also has written and produced four PBS specials based on her books (each among the most successful fund raisers in public-television history) and contributes a regular column to O: The Oprah Magazine. Orman, whose parents emigrated from Russia, credits her family's economic struggles (and some good old-fashioned chutzpah) for her ability to spread the financial gospel in language anyone can understand... read the interview

Interview with Andrea Mitchell, Jewish Woman, fall 2005
It's been nearly four decades since Andrea Mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News, got started as a young reporter in Philadelphia. Since then she has faithfully and gracefully delivered the news on countless domestic and global events: Jonestown; the war in Bosnia; the Middle East peace process; 9/11... There are too many to list; but suffice it to say, if it made history, she was probably there. No wonder her new book, Talking Back: Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels (Viking Adult, September 2005), reads like more like a political thriller than a memoir... read the interview

Interview with Linda Richman, Jewish Woman, winter 2004
You may know Linda Richman's name from her bestselling book, I'd Rather Laugh: How to Be Happy Even When Life Has Other Plans for You (Warner Books, 2001). Or perhaps you recognize her face, from TV guest spots on Oprah, The Today Show, The Early Show and others. Or maybe her voice sounds familiar (think Lucille Ball with a Bronx lilt) from radio appearances across the country. But if none of these rings a bell, surely you know the caricature of Linda Richman, as immortalized by her son-in-law, actor/comedian Mike Myers, on Saturday Night Live's "Coffee Talk" sketch in the 1990s... read the interview

Interview with Linda Fairstein, Jewish Woman, spring 2004
In 30 years with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office—20 years as head of the sex crimes unit—Linda Fairstein became a household name trying high-profile crimes, such as the "preppie murder." Through less public efforts, she pushed the legal system to work harder and smarter by protecting victims' rights and using advancing tools such as DNA and the Internet to investigate crimes. And somewhere, Fairstein has found the time to write. After publishing Sexual Violence, a legal history of sex crimes in America, she introduced her series of crime novels in 1996 to critical acclaim. Five books later, and now retired from the DA's office, she's still thrilling readers with fictional mysteries too complex and bizarre to have grown out of anything but real-life experience... read the interview

Interview with Jennifer Weiner, Jewish Woman, 2005
The last time we spoke with novelist Jennifer Weiner, one of JWI's Women to Watch in 2003, she had, as they say, "arrived." Her first two books, Good in Bed and In Her Shoes, were bona fide best sellers and had recently been optioned for an HBO series and a feature film, respectively. But someone else also had arrived-a daughter, Lucy Jane-bringing joys, challenges and questions Weiner hadn't dreamed of. The experience helped fuel a third novel, Little Earthquakes, about the unexpected friendships among four new mothers... read the interview

Interview with Rain Pryor, Jewish Woman, winter 2008 
Rain Pryor experienced something of a split-screen childhood: On her mother’s side, a traditional, middle-class, Jewish-American life; on the side of her father – the late comedian Richard Pryor – an exciting and often unstable Hollywood existence. Growing up with two families, two races, two lifestyles, and two distinctly different cultures, Pryor gleaned a unique perspective that she’s channeled into her own career as an actress and singer... read the interview


Op-Ed: Having 'The Talk': Parents, Teens and Dating Abuse in the Tech Age, February 2010 (written on behalf of JWI's executive director, and published in Jewish news outlets nationwide during Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month)
A few years ago, during an otherwise innocuous conversation, one of my oldest and dearest friends relayed the following story about her 17-year-old daughter:

“Sophie [not her real name] and her boyfriend were at a party last weekend, and he got mad about something she said, and he literally picked her up by her shirt and threw her against the wall.”

While the incident was shocking, it was Sophie’s reaction -- or lack thereof -- that horrified me. Being body-checked by a boyfriend should have shaken her to the core, but Sophie didn’t seem to consider it a big deal.

That’s when I experienced That Parenting Moment, the one that flings us from the world in which we grew up into the unrecognizable reality where our kids are learning to live -- and to love... read the article

No-Sweat Summer Cooking, Jewish Woman, summer 2004
I have always had a sneaking suspicion that the phrase "L'chaim" was mistranslated centuries ago and actually means "Let's eat!" Of all the traditions that make Jews Jewish, eating together is one of the most distinctive. Hearty meals prepared by skilled, passionate women are the hallmark of our culture, but today's domestic goddess is not a balabusta baking challah in an iron stove. She is not an aproned housewife cradling a kugel in her arms. She has a full-time job, maybe a few kids, and she's as likely to caulk a bathtub as she is to frost a cake... read the article

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