Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today I celebrated the birth of spring with my first riverside run of the season.

There's something about the late-afternoon sunlight sparkling on the Potomac -- it's like a long, sequined train on an old-Hollywood Bob Mackie gown -- that makes me so aware of my lungs and my heart and my skin and the incredible mechanics of being alive.

Last fall I brought along my camera and strung together a few shots along the way -- Watergate, Kennedy Center, memorials, Corcoran... D.C. really is such a cool city.

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East-West Girl said...

Oh how wonderful! I really miss that city. You're so right that when spring arrives in DC, it does make you feel so alive. What a beautiful place.

Thanks for sharing the photos too!!

Ulysses said...

That's gotta be my favorite bike ride here. How were the cherry blossoms looking?

Mother of Invention said...

Feel like grabbing my bike! (You're lucky you're able to run!)

Anonymous said...

I hate DC. :)