Friday, February 03, 2006

This isn't a cop-out post -- I've got some stuff in the hopper -- I just want to direct your attention to some noteworthy journalism today.

The New Republic did a nice job summarizing the State of the Union speech. Not sure if you can get to it through this link if you're not a subscriber, but still worth a try.

Also see President's Intern's take on things. That chick (whoever s/he is) rocks.

And finally, a bit of wartime journalism on wartime journalism, also from TNR. I always look for this writer's byline because I went on a date with him once (nice guy; intimidatingly smart).

If you can't view the articles and you'd like to, e-mail me and I'll send them to you through the TNR site. Or subscribe -- it's well worth the dollars.


Washington Cube said...

::raising paw::: I have a question. This brilliant guy you dated? Did he have any playfulness/silliness in him? Or was he deadly serious all of the time. :/

...and how do we go from the gynecologist's stirrup's to politics and journalism? The segue has my something or other spinning.

Adam said...

For the interested, you can always go to for passwords to most subscription sites. Mostly the site is for free sites that are just annoying, but occasionally, they have passwords for pay sites as well. Legality? Your call.

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Semper Scripta,
Thank you for the Feb. 15 'outing' invite, but I will be half way around the word at that time.
The mid March wank circle is a possibility, depending on the actual date. I will leave it to you to ensure that 'I 66' and 'a unique alias' are unarmed, if they attend. They do not appreciate my sense of humour.

'Caustic Friend'
I rather like that! Appropriate, as I do have a pH of 13. A base indeed.