Sunday, October 16, 2005

this is why your browser comes with parental controls

Mom: What's a bong?

Me: Where did you learn that word?

Mom: In the comments on your blog, from the squirrel story.

Me: It's something you use to smoke marijuana. You put water inside and hold your finger over the hole and... Never mind.

Mom: Oh, I thought it was a phallic thing. I got a little upset because I thought people were writing sex comments on your website.

Me: Nope. Just drug paraphernalia.

Mom: Okay then, that's fine.


Chairborne Stranger said...

I can barely write I am laughing so hard. My my my.

momyblogR said...

"Yes dear, as long as it's just the drugs and not the sex, that will be ok. We'll have to talk about the rock n' roll."

How funny. Between your Grandmother on the cell phone and your Mom on the computer,it sounds like you have your hands full.

I-66 said...

ha! but wait, what sexual things can you do with a squirrel?

Nevermind. Forget I asked.

Washington Cube said...

Think Richard Gere and gerbil, I-66. 'Nuff said.

Your mother continues to be adorable. I think it's wonderful she wants to learn and that she has an interest in what her daughter is talking about.

Heather B. said...

My mother once found drug paraphernalia and admired how pretty it was. Ahhh, mothers.

Claire said...

Hilarious. Great title too.

Knight said...

Does the fact you know your Mom reads your blog influence what you do & do not write?

always write said...

Maybe a bit, I try to censor things that might upset her. I don't post anything I wouldn't say or haven't said to her face. And the "conversation" posts are pretty much transcribed verbatim. She brings up the blog in every conversation with me and hands out the web address to EVERYONE she meets. Believe me, she's enjoying the attention.

AJ Gentile said...

You mean your Mom doesn't know about your secret, anonymous sex blog?


Paulo said...

HA! You. Are. So. Funny.