Wednesday, October 19, 2005

there's no assistive listening device for the selectively hearing-impaired

Mom: So when is your article coming out in the Washington Post?

Me: What article?

Mom: The article about the cookies.

Me: I didn't write any article.

Mom: You said you were writing a review of that cookie recipe you made with B a couple weeks ago.

Me: I said we were testing the recipe.

Mom: But you were going to write about it. And it would be published. You said so.

Me: No, I said our names would be mentioned. All we had to do was tell the food people at the Post if the cookies tasted good.

Mom: I don't know why you're so afraid to promote yourself. Just tell them you'll write the article, I'll bet they're dying to have young people do some writing for them.

Me: It's a paragraph, Mom, not an article. And they already have people to do writing for them. They're a newspaper.

Mom: (deep sigh...) Fine. Just sit there and play with your blog all day. See where it gets you.

I cannot win.

Here's the recipe, not in the Post (don't know when that's coming out) but the one in Leite's Culinaria Update is the same, I recognized the photo. Sure, I could have iced mine to resemble precious little lime wedges like the ones in the cookbook, but honest to God people, who has the time? Do you own a piping bag? If you did, would you know how to use it? I didn't think so.

The cookies really are divine, with or without the icing. Don't try to roll the dough without parchment or wax paper, it's very sticky.

Enjoy, and save a couple for me.


AJ Gentile said...

Cookies don't need icing.

Icing is for cupcakes, and whomever I'm dating.

I-66 said...

C is for cookie.. that's good enough for me.

Washington Cube said...

"...I'll bet they're dying to have young people do some writing for them."

This is such a Mom thing to say, it's not funny. She wants the best for her child.

I notice that recipe was done by Nancy Baggett. She, with local writer Ruth Glick, have put out some wonderful cookbooks.

the deal said...

So true. Thanks for making me laugh.

SMR said...

That blog has gotten you dedicated readers, fans, and an outlet for your inner-most thoughts.

That's no cookie recipe in the Post, but whatever.

always write said...

Good point, dear (though I don't know exactly how true it is). I just find these conversations funny because my mother seems to think the food and cultural editors at the Post -- as well as head honchos at every major publishing house in the U.S. -- are sitting expectantly by their phones waiting for me to call. But as Cube said, she really does want the best for me. I should be so lucky to find an editor or publisher who thinks so much of me.

i-66: cookie cookie cookie starts with C. (You were still floating in a fallopian tube when I learned to sing that song.)

AJ: chocolate or vanilla?

Claire said...

Are you sure that was your mom and not mine? ;]

Chairborne Stranger said...

Haha, your conversations cheer me up, I shouldn't even admit this, but I do know how to use a piping bag. What can I say, it's the new Army now, I can shoot and bake.

The Daily Rant said...

I discovered Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies and have become addicted. Don't ask how, just buy them and find out! They are made by Archer Farms and available at Target. To. Die. For.

But this recipe looks good, so I will be testing it out next week!