Saturday, October 08, 2005

My good friend B, of the unexpected birthday floral arrangement, either volunteered or was goaded into testing a soon-to-be-featured cookie recipe for the Washington Post. She invited me to join her because I know my way around a kitchen and she trusted me to do right by the recipe. More than she trusted herself, apparently, because I mixed, rolled, cut, baked and frosted the cookies and she washed the dishes. But it's all good; I got to lick the bowl.

We'll both be mentioned in the Food section next week or the week after; If you can find us, you win... I dunno, a picture of me licking the bowl. (It's not as hot as it sounds.)

one of these is in my tummy now


Washington Cube said...

Ok. Major yummy, and when do we get the recipe?

AJ Gentile said...

I second. Post that recipe. (And the licking pic).