Saturday, October 01, 2005

fortune garden

Rosh Hashana starts a couple days from now. It's one of my favorite holidays: A time for self-reflection; for family; for gossiping in temple under the watchful eyes of God and Rabbi Gold.

So I was thinking, "What better way to mark the start of a new Jewish year than with a bit of life-affirming wisdom from the mystical scrolls of my people's most cherished cultural symbol, The Chinese Fortune Cookie?"

(I'm not kidding; Jews love Chinese food. You stay open on Christmas Eve, you make a friend for life.)

(Click to view at full size.)

I don't know why I hang on to these, let alone display them on my fridge; Aside from shoes and neuroses I'm not in the habit of collecting things. Most of the fortunes are silly ("A nice cake is waiting for you"), but there are one or two that, though they're kind of obvious, might kindle some deep thought or inspiration.
Peruse, reflect, enjoy.

I wish you all -- boys, girls, babies, puppies, kittens, goldfish and even squirrels -- a happy, safe and healthy year.


Anonymous said... bed.

The Daily Rant said...

I laughed with anonymous said...adding "in bed".

"A nice cake is waiting for bed"

Man, what can be better than cake in bed?? :)

always write said...

Nothing, my friend. Nothing is better than cake in bed.

(anonymous, that was hysterical.)

Washington Cube said...

Apples and honey, to you, too.

Washington Cube Was Here. #201

Eric the Something said...

Please tell me you have heard of adding "in bed" to all fortunes before this.

I have a box full of saved fortunes.