Tuesday, October 11, 2005

7:30 p.m. last night, my phone rings with my mother's cellphone number on the Caller ID.

me: "Hello?"

my grandma: "Hello?"

me: "Hello?"

grandma: "Hello? I can't hear anything. It's not working. Hello?!"

highway sounds. click. dial tone.

fifteen seconds later the phone rings again.

me, annoyed: "Hello?"

grandma: "Hello?! I still can't hear."

me, shouting: "Grandma! I'm here!"

grandma: "Helloooo? Are you there? Why can't I hear anything? Celia, something's wrong with the phone."

my father, in the background: "Did she push Send? Let me see it..."

rustling. click. dial tone.

ten seconds later the phone rings. again.

me: "WHAT?!?!"

my mother: "Hi honey, we're in the car with Grandma. She wants to talk to you."

rustling, fumbling.

grandma: "Okay. Hello?"

me: "Hi Grandma."

grandma: "Hello? Helloooo?!?! I don't understand what's wrong. Celia, your phone is broken. Fix the phone, Celia. HELLOOOO?!?!"

more rustling and fumbling, then my mother, in the background:

"Ma, you're holding it backward!"


Washington Cube said...

Do you know what came to mind, reading that? Peggy Sue Got Married with Kathleen Turner and Nicholas Cage. Peggy Sue comes home from school, the phone rings, and it's her grandmother. Since she's really Peggy Sue as an adult in her past teenaged body, and she has knowledge of the future and her grandmother's death, when she hears her grandmother's voice on the phone, she becomes so overwhelmed with grief and longing, she can't even speak.

You'll always remember the night Grandma called you and had the phone backwards. This story is so vividly sweet. ::tear wipe::

Kayla said...

Your post made me want to call my nana - who has pulled many classic moves like this.. which I cherish (while hysterically laughing). From her answering machine message (Her screaming into the machine "SORRY CANNOT TAKE CALL NOW, LEAVE MESSAGE .... long long pause... scuffle scuffle... sigh.... " then the beep) to her TV that changes channels all by itself (had nothing to do with the fact that she was actually sitting on the remote)... Priceless moments.

Randomly, I thought of the same movie moment (just like WC)... and then my eyes filled with tears!!

Lior said...

My dad still has a hard time figuring out where the "off" function on his cell phone is...*sigh*.

I often tell him it's going to be a long, long winter of his life.

Dilly Dilly said...

Too bad it's my middle aged mother, not an elderly grandmother who seems to have the issues with modern technology...

I believe anyone who reads this can relate! Too funny!

I-66 said...

top notch... so glad to have grown up with this stuff as opposed to having to learn about it now.

Claire said...

That's just classic.

The Daily Rant said...

This is great. But like dilly dilly, it's my MOTHER that has all the problems. Don't even get me STARTED on my helping her with the computer via phone.

Funny post.

The Girl Who said...

That was hilarious. My grandma could never get the hang of leaving messages on the answering machine. She thought it was a person? I'd come home to messages like
"Tell Monica her grandma called. Tell Monica I haven't seen her in awhile and make sure Monica stays off The Pot." Swear to god..

Vixen said...

That is sooooo funny!