Saturday, September 17, 2005

what happened to gawking at hooters the old-fashioned way?

This dating profile was accompanied by the headshot of a man who was, I must admit, very attractive.

"Any chesty romantics out there?

"OK, I know that the headline sounds superficial, but I am really not. I am looking for someone to share life experiences with. My preference on the physical side is for very busty women double d or larger. My pediatric practice takes up so much of my time that I dont really get a chance to meet that many people. One of my patients mother recommended that I give this a shot. I am open to new experiences, so here I am. Lets talk soon.

"Someone who is loving and caring. Someone who loves to have deep conversations, but enjoys the silent moments of a long drive. A sense of humor is also very attractive. Physically, I tend to like women who are curvy and very busty, DDD or larger only please. I hope I am not offending anyone. I look forward to reading your profile and getting to know you."

Note how he ups the ante in the second paragraph, from one D to three. Very ambitious!

Call me conservative, but this strikes me as a little inappropriate. Or just a sign of poor judgment (and grammar and sentence structure, while we're being critical). I'd be wary of any pediatrician who advertises his fondness big 'uns, and likewise suspicious of a man with a breast fetish who advertises a medical practice -- or any business -- that caters to the under-12 set.

I respect your right to be kinky, to indulge your fantasies and get your jollies however you see fit... But let's leave the the kiddies out of it, ok?


Lusus Naturae said...

Hey! Just wanted to say that I really like your blog, it was an amusing read. Keep up the good work.

Kate said...

OMG, You stopped by my blog. I had to check yours out. AND now this is too funny. Because I saw this dude's personal ad. And it was exactly the kind of ad I was refering to in my post.

Keep up the good work!

Eric the Something said... profile headline of "All I want is a bondage model to call my own." I should take down?

(I am TOTALLY kidding, by the way.) (I would NEVER take it down.) (It's a good thing I think I'm funny.)