Friday, September 23, 2005


You can't hear me, but I'm moaning. And not in the good way.

I have a fever and oy, vey does my head hurt. I couldn't get my hands on any chicken soup, at least not the kind that heals, so I ordered Chinese food instead. (That, too, is the food of my people.)

If I'm housebound this weekend you can look forward to lots and lots of delirious postings about pink elephants and NyQuil dreams. But right now I'm burning and dizzy so hurry up and make with the sympathy. I need some TLC.


AJ Gentile said...

Awww! You need a nice motzah ball soup or a hearty lentil.

Should I have something sent over? Just say the word.

Feel better...

another random guy said...
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another random guy said...

it's a crappy day outside today in DC anyway.

good day to hang inside and catch up on tivo.