Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today my beautiful baby sister turned 15.

That makes me exactly twice her age. What a weird feeling. It's different now than it was, say, when I was 8 and brother number one was 4. Then I was twice his age and twice his size and his ass belonged to me.

In the days before remote controls, an obedient houseboy made all the difference in the hours after school. "Change the channel! Bring me some Kool-Aid! Spit-shine my bike! Fire up the Colecovision -- in 10 minutes we play!" He was a good sport.

But now it's sort of surreal. I changed my sister's diapers and taught her to walk and now she's four inches taller than me and learning to drive. We wear the same bra size. This is too much.

Anyway, Happy Birthday baby. May your braces soon be gone and your metabolism never leave you.


AJ Gentile said...

(sigh) Nostalgia... I still have my Colecovision in a box somewhere.

How fun was the Smurf game?? Gay, sure. But fun.

always write said...

Personally I was a fan of Duck Hunt, but I was always a bit of a tomboy.

AJ Gentile said...

Loved Duck Hunt. Being able to SHOOT at the screen was just too cool.

I can still hum the DH theme.

Mr. Do, anyone?

Carmelo Supernaw said...

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