Thursday, September 29, 2005

There is one sure-fire way to garner a compliment: Set the bar low.

I own two skirts. I wear one of them, maybe twice a year. Actually I've been planning to buy more because it's time I started dressing my age, and... well, I'm no Rockette, but I do sport a pretty decent set of gams.

Aside from my bi-annual skirtage, plus the occasional bar mitzvah or black-tie wedding, most of the time my dress is neither fancy nor terribly feminine. Jeans, boots, cozy sweaters. On weekends I all but sleep in my running shoes. I don't wear a lot of makeup, my hair has a mind of its own, and my nails are steadfastly short and bare. And just for emphasis I curse like a pissed-off sailor. (But only around my friends.)

Not that I don't know from sexy. I'm just sexy on my own f**king terms ;)

So today at the office, even though I showed up in an ill-fitting sweater and a skirt two sizes too big, a few of my co-workers cooed, "You look so pretty today! I love your skirt..." And while I felt compelled to explain that it was the only thing that fit around my swollen belly (I'm still working on the art of gracefully accepting praise) it still made me feel... a little less cranky.

Tomorrow it's back to jeans and t-shirts -- I don't want anyone to start expecting too much -- but it sure is nice to feel like a princess for one goddamned day.


industry whore said...

i totally understand the not taking compliments well thing. it is a survival mechanism. if you don't stave off a compliment from a woman or at least reciprocate, she'll secretly hate you. however, you should feel free to accept compliments from men without going into girl turrets ("that's a nice bag" "oh i got it so cheap" etc.).

industry whore said...

im an idiot. tourettes. jesus. you don't even want to know how much $$ my parents spend to educate me.

always write said...

actually turrets made perfect sense: you just keep spiraling up and up until you have no choice but to jump out the windowt