Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I never know what to do with a compliment. It always feels like someone's handing me a big gift in a room with no furniture, and I have no idea where to put this generous, cumbersome thing.

Somebody just said to me the nicest thing a person could hope to be told, maybe the nicest thing he ever said to anyone, and my response was, "Thank you, that's very nice to hear." and then I proceeded to explain why I'm more trouble than I'm worth and he really wouldn't want me anyway, and I pointed out a few of my larger but less obvious character flaws and then he gave up trying to make me feel good about myself.

Am I a schmuck, or just uncomfortable with direct attention? Or both?

What is the proper way to handle a glowing compliment? Is "thank you" enough?


Laughter said...

True compliments are gifts;
To accept one is to thank the giver.
Some of us reject them off-hand
with a pained expression and
"For me? Never!"
We think we are being humble,
But in truth it's a form of self-pride.
"It doesn't fit right, nor gives me any pleasure!
I'm not worthy of your gift
Please take it away.
I'm the worst there is and will be. Ever!"
If this strikes truth
Then here is a suggestion for you...
A complement is a gift, remember!
The gift giver has feelings, too,
If you recall.
Accepting this gift will not "wound" you forever.
Hold it with two hands,
Not two fingers.
If you can't handle it just now, however,
Set it on a shelf in plain sight
So you won't "forget" it.
Dust it once in a while and make it your endeavor
To wear it proudly one day.
Or at least without a pained expression.
If only to give the gift giver some pleasure.

always write said...

Thank you for that.