Monday, September 05, 2005

I had big plans for this weekend: Clean the apartment, hang some artwork, purchase shelving to address the shoe "situation" in my bedroom, catch up on my workload, maybe even spend a little time in the office. And now it's Monday morning and I've divided my hours between eating, sleeping, moviegoing, jogging, shopping, cleaning someone else's apartment, and dumping the contents of my CD collection onto my hard drive. If I ever lose this iPod I will have to end my life.

After excavating my music library I'm a little embarrassed, for three reasons: 1. It's pretty dusty. I should really take better care of my things; 2. I own some spectacular music that I don't listen to nearly enough; and 3. I own some music that should never have been recorded, let alone paid for.

But I guess the 'pod (is that what the cool kids call it? I'm 30, I don't know from such things) will sweep away my shame. Now I'm free to relocate all those CDs to my parents' basement with the rest of the crap they keep threatening to throw away. No more dust, no more forgotten masterpieces, no more "Spice Girls: Spice!" perched on the shelf like a gargoyle ready to scare away unsuspecting guests.

Plus I've got more room for literature now! Better inspect the bookcase for "Anne of Green Gables" sequels and anything with Fabio on the cover. These things must be disposed of properly, driven to a Salvation Army dropoff no less than three counties away so they can never, ever find their way back.


Vixen said...

Very cool. I have an iPOD Mini and I just can't live without it:)

the deal said...

You know, I think one, and just one, Spice Girls' CD says something positive about a we were alive in the mid-1990s.

Eric the Something said...

No Spice Girls, but I have two different CDs by B*Witched.

I also have a huge collection of shoes, more than most women I know. It would be sad if it wasn't funny. Or vice versa.

And I have a HUGE collection of CDs and when I look through them I am always wondering how I have not listened to some of it in so long