Tuesday, September 13, 2005

another cherished moment with mom

A recent Sunday afternoon, the day after The Birthday Celebration That Almost Wasn't. My mother, my sister and I are in Target shopping for bookends. I say nothing about the night before but I am so, so sad, and it shows. My mother takes one look at me and understands.

"Don't be upset, sweetie. Your friends love you, it was just a difficult night for them to make it downtown, with the rain and all."

I nod and swallow back tears. She squeezes my hand and kisses me, and my heart unclenches a little bit.

Then Mom leans forward, squints at a spot just above my forehead and says,

"Is your hair getting thin?"


Kayla said...

Saturday, I was alone in my car - hair pulled in a ponytail and I happen to look in the rearview mirror and well, I saw... forehead and gasp.. gasp.. a thinning hair line. I have thick, glorious hair... but, soon my forehead will be a fivehead ... THE HORROR!! (I have come to grips with my child-bearing hips, the fact that I can only consume about 100 calories a day without gaining weight, etc.. but NOT THE HAIR!! NOT THE HAIR!!) I call my mom, anxious about my "discovery" - fearing a total breakdown once she answered... She answers the phone and says "That's great. Can I call you back after I am done watching "All My Children" on the Soap Network?". :)

industry whore said...


KOB said...

I loved how this post ended

Anonymous said...

I think your mom and my mom must have been twins separated at birth..great post

always write said...

People always told me, "You have to write down everything she says. Otherwise nobody would believe it." Probably 1/4 of my previous posts have been about my crazy Jewish mother... so I guess she's one of the reasons I started this blog.