Friday, July 08, 2005

NYC...what is it about you...

...that makes me get up at 6:30 in the morning and stand for a half hour in the pouring rain just to get on a bus and spend four hours on the New Jersey Turnpike...?

I'm off for a weekend of fun, apparently not in the sun, with my good friend D. Goals include catching up and damage control from his recent and very painful breakup with L.

I never know exactly what I'm going to get with D., but items on the tentative agenda include: scary movie; top-shelf sushi; giggling; shopping; the re-enactment of at least one Michael Jackson video; half a dozen embarrassing moments (see last item); frozen yogurt at Bloomingdale's; visit to gym and/or excuse-making followed by dragging; family BBQ at which I may pose as D.'s new girlfriend (too bad I'm not as good an actress as I am a friend); D. trying to push fattening pizza on me like cocaine on a junkie; Broadway show; off-Broadway show; off-off-Broadway show; and some kind of dramatic reading. (Note: D. and I are po' non-profit employees and the only reason we can afford to see all these shows, which honestly don't appeal to me all that much, is that he works for a theater company now.)

Hopefully I'll come back on Sunday with a bunch of exciting tales. Or at least some good jokes -- D. is full of those.

Have a great weekend!


Nunzia said...

somedays... i miss NY.. mostly, nope :)

PoeticVixn said...

Forget frozen yogurt at Blooms, stop by Cold Stone Creamery in Times Square. =o)