Friday, June 10, 2005

This Star Wars sendup is rather funny, at least for us fuddy duddies who were around when rollerskates were in and George Lucas had talent.

It's a promo for some organic foods association that re-enacts the original (episode three) Star Wars with characters like "Cuke Skywalker," "Chewbroccoli" and "Tofu D2." Let's call it vegemation. It's so... I dunno... I keep thinking "cheesy" or "corny"... I can't find an adjective that doesn't subject us all to an awful pun.

I haven't posted much on this blog yet -- the writing may pick up once I get a bag to carry my (fabulous new) laptop to various coffeeshops and parks around town. And I haven't told anyone about it. Because... honestly, I'm trying to be totally candid and personal in here, and I'm not sure I want anyone to know (a) some bad stuff I've done/choices I've made, and (b) just how fucking crazy I really am. Not like fun crazy, but neurotic crazy. Then again, my best friends know I'm nuts and they're still my best friends. Love me or leave me, right?

In other news, I just refinanced my condo, 5.375% for 30 years. This is impressive because refinancing requires me to do not one, but THREE things at which I am typically an utter failure: decision-making; trusting strangers; and math. But I understand I got a very good rate, so good that I would be a fool to ever sell this place because I'll never get a better loan and my next place will likely cost two or three times as much as this one. Now it's time to tackle my home improvement to-do list, I'm going to be there for a while. I'd like one of those big-ass refrigerators with a bottom drawer freezer so I don't have to stand on my toes digging for frozen broccoli, or bust up my collarbone when a salmon fillet slides out.

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